OWON MSO8202T Review

Both oscilloscopes and logic analyzers are crucial pieces of equipment for debugging and analyzing digital circuits. Instead of having two separate units, it’s so much easier to have one that performs both functions. That’s why OWON developed the MSO8202T. It is an excellent option that decreases the number of devices you will need in your … Read more

Owon TDS8204 Review

Oscilloscopes are critical pieces of equipment to have when working with circuits that need testing or debugging and with automobiles that need maintenance and testing. A machine that is going to provide reliable results is key to a successful project. Owon has developed the TDS8204 as a versatile option and it has many great features … Read more

Hantek 2D82AUTO Review

In the automotive industry, several tools are required, including a multimeter, waveform generator, DMM, and oscilloscope. To make things a lot simpler, many companies have begun to offer compact units with all four of these devices in one. Hantek presents the 2D82AUTO as one such versatile offering. Hantek Professional Automotive Oscilloscope The Hantek 2D82AUTO is … Read more

Fluke 125B Review

A handheld oscilloscope that also functions as a multimeter and a high-speed recorder is a great asset to have in an industrial setting where you need to troubleshoot electro-mechanical problems. Fluke offers the 125B as an excellent versatile option. Fluke 125B Industrial ScopeMeterOscilloscope The Fluke 125B Industrial ScopeMeter offers simplified testing, faster electro-mechanical troubleshooting, and … Read more

OWON SDS1102 vs Hantek DSO5102P Review

Oscilloscopes are great tools for debugging and gaining a better understanding of what’s going on with your circuits as they show what’s going on with voltage over time. They are an essential piece of equipment. Two excellent models, the OWON SDS1102 and the Hantek DS05102P, are available and we will base our recommendation on the … Read more

OWON HDS272S vs Hantek 2D72 Review

An oscilloscope, waveform generator, and multimeter are all excellent and necessary tools to have when diagnosing electrical issues. Having all three tools in one compact portable unit is a dream come true. There are two very good options, the OWON HDS272S and the Hantek 2D72. We are going to make a recommendation based on project … Read more

Siglent SDS1104X-E vs SDS1104X-U Review

When you need to visualize electronic signals, you must have an oscilloscope. Two amazing machines available are the Siglent SDS1104X-E and the Siglent SDS1104X-U. Both offer excellent features, and we are going to compare them across all specifications. We will base our recommendation on user skills as well as project needs. Siglent SDS1104X-E The SDS1104X-E … Read more

Owon SDS7102 vs Rigol DS1102E vs Rigol DS1052E Review

Electrical engineers and serious electronic enthusiasts depend on oscilloscopes to diagnose circuit troubles. Let’s look at these three scopes by two different brands and see which one will best help you on your next project.   Owon SDS7102 Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2-channel with VGA and LAN interface If you want a portable oscilloscope, … Read more