Hantek 2D82AUTO Review

In the automotive industry, several tools are required, including a multimeter, waveform generator, DMM, and oscilloscope. To make things a lot simpler, many companies have begun to offer compact units with all four of these devices in one. Hantek presents the 2D82AUTO as one such versatile offering.

Hantek Professional Automotive Oscilloscope

Hantek 2D82AUTO

The Hantek 2D82AUTO is handheld oscilloscope multimeter but is actually a 4-in-1 device. It is specifically designed to perform vehicle diagnostics.

This meter can inspect over 80 items, including your ignition, engine, sensors, charge, and startup. All you need to do is select from the preset modes, run the desired test, and read the results from the high-resolution color LCD display screen.

It offers an oscilloscope, automotive multimeter tester, waveform generator, and DMM all in one compact device. Additionally, it is a dual-channel meter with a real-time sampling rate of 250 MSa/s. Its bandwidth limit is 20 MHz. Waveforms can be easily saved and recalled for reference and comparison with the recording function. PC connectivity is available for further analysis.

When compared to the Hantek 2D42, the 2D82 is one step above from the start as it is a 4-in-1, while the 2D42 does not offer the DMM capabilities. They’re both dual channel with the same sampling rate.

You can operate this scope with a single hand because of its compact size. This makes it ideal for quick checks as well as fieldwork. After only two hours of charging, the built-in rechargeable battery will last for as long as 24 hours when used continuously.

Additionally, it features an extremely friendly user interface. This meter has versatile functions, an easy-to-read display, and intuitive controls. Simple buttons allow you to switch to different modes and functions easily.

The Auto-Set Key allows for automatic adjustment and can adjust the horizontal and vertical scales as well as type, level, trigger coupling, slope, and mode automatically to ensure you receive a stable waveform display.

The meter comes with very detailed instructions and the appropriate PC software is ready for download on Hantek’s official website. You can scan the QR code on the back of the device for helpful instructional videos as well.

The maximum record length is 3 K per dual channel.

The Hantek 2D82III comes with

  • 1 2D82
  • 1 Tool case
  • 1 Power Adaptor
  • 1 Type C cable
  • 2 Auto Test Leads
  • 2 Test Leads with BNC plug and alligator clip
  • 1 Multimeter Probe
  • 2 Auto Ignition Probes
  • 2 Acupuncture Probe Sets
  • 2  Extension cords
  • 2 20:1 Attenuator
  • 1 6-Way Breakout Leads
  • 2 Large Dolphin/Gator Clips
  • 1 each 1.5 x 1 mm, 1 x 1 mm, 2.3 x 1 mm Breakout Leads
  • 1 65 A AC/DC Current Clamp
  • 1 650 A AC/DC Current Clamp


Clearly, the Hantek 2D82AUTO is an amazing device with its 4-in-1 offering, a sampling rate of 250 MSa/s, and options for inspecting 80 different aspects of an automobile. We recommend this unit for professionals as it offers amazing automatic adjustment capabilities to ensure proper readouts as well as its long lifespan after only two hours of charging.

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