Fluke 810 Review

When you need to troubleshoot your equipment, having a vibration tester is essential. It can tell you if you have looseness, imbalance, bearing failures, and looseness. To get the best quality readings, you need a reliable device. The Fluke 810 is an advanced tool that provides exceptionally fast results with clear and reliable answers. We’ll evaluate it based on performance, memory, and how effectively it measures faults before providing a recommendation.

Fluke 810 Specifications

Fluke 810

The Fluke 810 is an advanced troubleshooting tool that provides immediate answers. This vibration tester offers unique diagnostic technology to help you quickly and efficiently identify and prioritize mechanical problems you are facing. It essentially gives you the skill of a vibration expert at your fingertips.

This tool combines precision diagnostics with a simple process. You’ll be able to report on precise machine faults and the extent of their severity. In addition, this information is revealed with first-time measurements, no prior measurement history is needed. 

Compared to the Fluke 805 vibration meter, the Fluke 810 vibration tester also features a fault severity scale with four severity levels, allowing you to prioritize your maintenance. However, the Fluke 805 provides more options for readings, including temperature.

Spectral diagrams and vibration measurements will allow you to quickly assess a machine’s overall health. The Fluke 810 also provides actionable recommendations that will allow you to address the most critical problems first. 

This vibration tester is ideal for troubleshooting equipment to understand the root cause behind its failure. In addition, you can survey equipment before and after planned maintenance to ensure the repair was completed appropriately. 

When you commission new equipment, the Fluke 810 will allow you to ensure the installation was completed correctly. This device will also provide quantifiable proof of the equipment’s condition, driving your investment in repairs or replacement. With issues correctly identified, you can prioritize and plan all repairs, making operations more efficient. 

Additionally, the Fluke 810 will allow you to anticipate equipment failures. This will let you take control of your spare parts inventory. New users will receive guidance from the onboard context-sensitive help that provides real-time tips. 

The vibration tester features 2 GB of expandable onboard memory. This is enough space to hold all the machinery’s data. In addition, it has a self-test function to guarantee optimal performance, providing you with more time on the job. The laser tachometer gives you accurate machine running speed and promotes accurate diagnoses. The Fluke 810 also has a tri-axial accelerometer which reduces the time it takes to take a measurement by ⅔ compared to single-axis accelerometers.

Other Features

The Fluke 810 comes with the following items:

  • Tri-axial accelerometer
  • Mounting pad kit
  • Magnet mount
  • Laser tachometer
  • Accelerometer quick-disconnect cable
  • Shoulder strap 
  • Smart batter pack with adapters and cable
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Mini USB-to-USB cable
  • Users Manual CD
  • Illustrated quick reference guide
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Carrying case


The Fluke 810 is a highly reliable vibration tester that provides exceptionally fast results without requiring previously obtained readings. Users can rely on the readings provided to determine the order in which they need to perform maintenance on their equipment. We recommend this for professionals who need accurate, fast readings they can rely on.

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