Fluke i400 vs i400s Review

To make the most out of your digital multimeter, you need a quality AC current clamp to provide accurate readings on your meter. Fluke designed and produced the i400 and i400s models to pair with many of their multimeter products. We’ll evaluate these clamps based on output, range, and safety before providing a recommendation. Fluke … Read more

Fluke 362 vs 365 Review

When you have an electrical project to complete or you work in the electrical field, having access to a reliable clamp meter is essential. Fluke has two excellent models, the 362 and 365, that offer users amazing accessibility, user-friendly displays, and ease of use. We’ll compare these models based on several features before making a … Read more

Fluke 323 vs 324 vs 325 Review

If you are in need of a product that can quickly help you get electrical measurements, then you might need a clamp multimeter. Clamp multimeters can measure voltage, currents, continuity, and resistance while maintaining great accuracy. Fluke has three multimeters that have very similar features, but a few key differences that you should know about. … Read more