Fluke 125B Review

A handheld oscilloscope that also functions as a multimeter and a high-speed recorder is a great asset to have in an industrial setting where you need to troubleshoot electro-mechanical problems. Fluke offers the 125B as an excellent versatile option.

Fluke 125B Industrial ScopeMeterOscilloscope

Fluke 125B

The Fluke 125B Industrial ScopeMeter offers simplified testing, faster electro-mechanical troubleshooting, and more insight. It offers an oscilloscope solution for industrial electro-mechanical and electricalequipment maintenance and troubleshooting applications.

Compared to the Fluke 124B, the Fluke 125B offers similar bandwidth, screen size, and RMS capabilities.

This unit is a 3-in-1 device with a multimeter,oscilloscope, and high-speed recorder all in one user-friendly handheld instrument. It also works with the Fluke Connect mobile app and FlukeView software to allow data analysis, archiving of critically important test information, and further collaboration.

With FlukeConnect, you can also send data directly to your smartphone. This enables you to save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime and from anywhere.

Measurements can be saved to the Fluke Cloud where they can be associated with an asset so your team will be able to consult historical, baseline, and current measurements all from one location. You can also share your data via ShareLive video calls and emails.

Additionally, you can generate reports to provide status updates or work recommendations. You can view completed work order history, automatically include maintenance data in work orders, and even create work orders from the field.

The device has a bandwidth of 40 MHz which offers increased resolution and workload coverage. Industrial networks can be checked with BusHealth which performs physical layer tests against defined reference levels.

It features two 5000-count true-RMS multimeters as well as Connect and View trigger simplicity that offers hands-free operation. Connect and View technology will recognize signal patterns and automatically set up the correct triggering that will provide a reliable, repeatable, and stable display.

It will also work with nearly any signal, including control signals without the need to adjust parameters or touch a single button. The device automatically recognizes signal changes and adjusts settings automatically. This provides a stable display even when measuring multiple points in rapid succession.

Additionally, the Fluke 125B features IntellaSet technology, which intelligently and automatically adjusts the numerical readouts based on the measured signals. It offers dual-input waveform and meter reading recording for data that is trending over extended time periods.

The most difficult faults to find are those that don’t occur consistently. While you may not be around to see it when these events happen, your Fluke 125B will be. So, if you have elusive intermittent signals, it’s not a problem with Recorder Event Detect.

An optional WiFi adapter connected to the internal USB port will allow for the wireless transfer of information to a computer or the Fluke Connect mobile app.


The Fluke 125B is clearly an advanced device, offering itself as an oscilloscope, multimeter, and recorder. It features the ability to capture intermittent signals, operate hands-free with Connect and View, and share data from anyone with FlukeConnect. This device is best suited for professionals who need a reliable piece of equipment for troubleshooting industrial problems.

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