Fluke 374 FC vs 375 FC vs 376 FC vs 902 FC Review

When working with electrical measurements, a clamp meter is a necessity. Fluke makes high quality equipment that meets the needs of its customers. We are going to compare these four meters so that you can make the best decision.

Fluke 374 FC

Fluke 374 FC

The Fluke 374 FC is perfect for both commercial and industrial use. This meter has true RMS capabilities and combines functionality with form. It is a powerful troubleshooting clamp that is also easy to handle.

This meter allows you the option of remote, safe measurements through the Fluke Connect app on smartphones and tablets. It’s available for both Android and iOS platforms. Through this, you can save your data, have emails sent, upload directly to the cloud, or connect live with ShareLive video calls.

The main function of the 374 FC is to measure amperage, which it does via its clamp. Measurable in both AC and DC, its range is up to 600 A. However, with the addition of the optional iFlex current probe, AC can be raised to 2500 A.

Additionally, the meter features standard multimeter ranges. These include AC and DC voltage to 1000 V, resistance to 60 kΩ, and capacitance to 1000 mF. The meter has auto-ranged scales and a DC mV range. However, while this is useful it won’t be beneficial for testing larger thermopiles as it is only 500 mV.

Also, the meter features a min/max function that picks out the lows and highs immediately along with automatic inrush recording, which filters out noise when starting up a motor.

It also features an NIST traceable certificate, which is beneficial for the governmental or commercial operations that require equipment have tracing options.

It features 1000 V CAT-III and 600 V CAT-IV safety ratings.

Fluke 375 FC

Fluke 375 FC

The 375 FC is a true-RMS meter that can measure extremely low voltage and extremely high resistance.

To provide you with the most accurate motor drive measurements, this meter features a VFD low-pass filter. It also allows for wireless communication with your smartphone via the Fluke Connect app.

The meter works with the iFlex flexible current probe, but you will have to purchase that separately. AC and DC currents are measured to 600 A and voltages up to 1000 V with the jaw clamp. When you use the iFlex, the measurement range for AC is raised to 2500 A.

Through wireless connectivity, you can increase your safety when using the device. You will be able to read the 375 FC on your Apple or Android device from a safe distance away, reducing your need for PPE. Additionally, it allows for the creation and distribution by email of reports from the field. You can also save to the cloud or participate in a ShareLive video call.

Because of its true-RMS capabilities, you can accurately troubleshoot signals that are non-linear with the 375 FC. Logging and trending measurements to locate intermittents is easily accomplished while completing other tasks.

It features 1000 V CAT-III and 600 V CAT-IV safety ratings. Frequency can be measured to 500 Hz, resistance to 60 kΩ, and capacitance to 1000 mF. The meter has a 500 mV DC measurement range that allows for the interface with other accessories.

Fluke 376 FC

Fluke 376-FC

The 376 FC is another true-RMS clamp meter. It is extremely advanced and is an excellent tool for troubleshooting for industrial and commercial electricians.

This device will allow you to find the most difficult problems. It uses an integrated low-pass filter. This filter offers you accurate measurements of non-linear signals, including electronic ballasts, adjustable speed drives, and other non-linear loads.

Through the use of proprietary inrush measurement technology, noise is filtered out and the motor starting current is captured exactly as the circuit protection sees it.

Voltage is measured to 1000 V for both AC and DC. Resistance is measured to 60 kΩ with continuity detection. Variations are captured automatically with max, min, inrush, and average recording. It features a 500 mV DC measurement range that allows for the interface with other accessories.  Capacitance is measured to 1000 mF.

It offers 1000 V CAT-III and 600 V CAT-IV safety ratings. With the iFlex probe, your range of measurements for AC is raised to 2500 A.

Fluke 902 FC

Fluke 902 FC

For a more efficient work experience at the work site, HVAC technicians can choose the 902 FC with true-RMS capabilities.

It’s rated 600 V CAT-III and 300 V CAT-IV for safety. It offers you many essential HVAC system measurements, including resistance up to 60 kΩ, capacitance to 1000 mF, microamps for testing pilot light sensors, AC current to 600 A and AC/DC voltage to 600 V, and contact temperature (-10°C to 400°C). Its compact form allows you to maintain your grip on it and navigate tight spaces.

Because it’s wireless, your measurements can be sent to a smart device for a detailed analysis. You can trend and monitor measurements live on your phone or upload them to the cloud. Creating and sharing reports is easy via email and there is also the option to collaborate via ShareLive video calls.

When working on high voltage/current panels, the 902 FC decreases the need for PPE. By turning the panel off, you can set up your clamp, sync it to your phone, turn the panel back on and take measurements from a safe distance away.

Our Recommendation

If you’re just working around the house and not in a major industrial setting where precision is key, the 902 FC might be the meter for you. While it offers the standard measurements, they do not extend as high as one would need in an industrial or commercial setting.

The 376 FC offers everything that an industrial or commercial technician could need in a clamp meter. It even comes with the iFlex probe. This meter is for the most advanced measurements and readouts.

If you still need good quality readouts but don’t need the iFlex probe, the 374 FC or the 375 FC are both excellent choices. They have similar measurement capabilities and the same safety ratings.

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