FLUKE-3540 Review

With the need to ensure equipment is running smoothly, power monitors come into play. They help ensure that all of the electrical workings of the machinery they test are in working order. One such monitor is the FLUKE-3540. 

FLUKE-3540 Three-Phase Power Monitor


The FLUKE-3540 is a combination of the FLUKE Connect Condition Monitoring software and the 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor. It is a compact device that can monitor important electrical specifications for three-phase equipment. Data streams to the Fluke Connect Cloud, where userscan remotely view it at any time. 

The FLUKE-3540 is an upgrade when compared to FLUKE’s previous model 1732.  The 1732 did not offer as many great features. For example, users were not able to remotely monitor their readings. They also could not set up parameters to receive alarms when readings were outside the presets.  They also did not have access to continuous data that trended on real-time and historic data. 


The 3540 is capable of measuring single, split, or three-phase loads. Additionally, it measures voltage, current, and frequency. The unit measures power in three forms, active power, non-active power, and power factor. It also measures the total harmonic distortion. 

Data Collection and Output

There is trending real-time and historic data available for users to review. Graphs show trends and fluctuations of data during the period of monitoring. Data is available on any connected device through the use of the Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Software or the Fluke Connect mobile app. 

There is a mode included that allows for data collection even when there is no connection to the Fluke Connect Cloud available. Wireless data collection or internal memory is sufficient for one week of collection with one second intervals. 

Users save time from not having to manually enter results from monitoring. Simply sync the data using the Fluke Connect system, eliminating data entry errors. Users can immediately associate values with a specific work order or record. Users can share data via ShareLive video calls and emails. 

Other Specs

The 3540 offers notifications sent to the user’s mobile device to alert them of when readings are outside of the user-defined thresholds. 

The device weighs in at 2.5 pounds, making it exceptionally easy to carry from job to job. Using the Fluke Connect mobile app makes connecting it to a mobile phone extremely easy. All users have to do is follow the prompts. 

It comes with a power supply, voltage test leads, 4 Dolphin clips, 3 1500 A flexible current probes, a magnetic hanging kit, WiFi to USB adapter, and a color-coding set. 

The display is a 4.3-inch active-matrix color TFT and it is a resistive touch panel.  Its resolution is 480 x 272 pixels. 

It features a two-year warranty, excluding the battery pack. 


It is clear that the 3540 offers excellent features. With real-time data, alerts when readings are out of range, and automatic data entry, users will find that this power monitor will exceed their expectations. We recommend this unit for industrial settings. 

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