Fluke 1662 vs 1663 Review

A multi-function tester is an important part of an electrician’s tool kit. However, buying a multifunction tester can be confusing as there are so many brands available on the market. Since a multifunction tester is an expensive device, you must make an informed decision.

In this post we are going to compare two of the best Fluke multifunction testers. This comparison of Fluke 1662 vs 1663 will help you choose one Fluke tester for multi-tasking. Read more for a detailed spec by spec comparison of these two top-notch testers.

Fluke 1662 review

Fluke 1662

The Fluke 1662 is a multifunction installation tester. It allows you to easily and quickly carry out various types of test procedures. The device conforms to the latest 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. Moreover, it is a reliable and solid tester that is ideal for engineers and electricians. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced one, this device will help you go through.

The Fluke tester is very easy to use. It features a single click rotary dial present at the right of the device. There is a large backlit LCD screen in the center. Moreover, there are test and function buttons located at the left for performing various functions. A remote test probe is included too that improves the usability.

Overall, the device is easy to use and can perform tests to all local regulations. Above all, it measures RCD switching time and tripping level. It can also measure trip time and current, and RCD variable current.

Apart from that, it features Z-max memory for performing loop tests. It also performs as a wiring polarity checker and detects broken wires. Overall, it is an efficient tester that also includes a full calibration certificate for reliability.

More Features of Fluke 1662

  • The device performs true RMS AC/DC voltage and frequency measurements.
  • It can do continuity measurement with auto-null feature.
  • The tester allows insulation resistance testing with selectable 100, 250, 500 and 1000V test ranges.
  • It tests for accurate polarity using the continuity mode.
  • There is a phase sequence indicator that detect and displays phase sequence quickly.
  • You can do RCD testing and loop testing with it.
  • It can calculate PFC using 3 different test leads or main lead.
  • The tester can calculate PSC when there is a short circuit.

Fluke 1663 review

The Fluke 1663 is a multi-function installation tester designed for professionals. It features a variety of measurement functions. Just like the Fluke 1662, this tester also features built-in memory storage. However, unlike 1662, the 1663 is good for electricians and engineers working in a large-scale industry. In short, it is used for specialized jobs.

The tester is used to perform continuity tests at L-N, L-PE, N-PE inputs, and type B RCDs (for example EV charging) testing. It can also measure earth resistance and test smooth DC sensitive RCDs (type B). There is a Z-max memory feature which makes it easier to analyze the highest loop test value.

The device features a variety of measurement capabilities. This includes TRMS voltage AC/DC and frequency, continuity, insulation resistance, and loop and line resistance. Moreover, the RCD tests include RCD trip time, RCD type A and AC measurement, RCD trip current, and RCD variable test current.

More Features of Fluke 1663

  • The device measures continuity at L-N, N-PE inputs.
  • It performs test smooth DC sensitive RCDs (Type B).
  • You can calculate earth resistance, voltage and frequency.
  • The tester measures prospective earth fault current and prospective short-circuit current.
  • It features illuminated display and self-test.
  • There is a phase sequence indicator and automatic RCD test sequence.
  • There is an on/off switchable auto-start for loopset and RCD.
  • Trip time and current for RCD type A and AC (in one test).

Our recommendation:

We did a comparison of Fluke 1662 vs 1663, and found out that these installation testers are ideal for preventing damage to the connected appliances. Apart from that, the devices efficiently and quickly test to all local regulations. Moreover, both of these protect the appliances that may be accidentally connected to the system under test.

Our recommendation is the Fluke 1663 because it is designed for professional users. Also, it features high-end functionality and advanced measurement functionality. It is still easy to use because the operation is intuitive and can be used by all levels and types of field workers.

On the other hand, the Fluke 1662 is a basic tester that is good for simple day to day operations. It is equipped with the testing power that is needed for basic installation testing tasks.

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