Fluke 362 vs 365 Review

When you have an electrical project to complete or you work in the electrical field, having access to a reliable clamp meter is essential. Fluke has two excellent models, the 362 and 365, that offer users amazing accessibility, user-friendly displays, and ease of use. We’ll compare these models based on several features before making a recommendation.

Fluke 362


The Fluke 362 is a reliable AC/DC clamp meter. Its compact size allows you to use it in the smallest spaces with ease. Its thin and light body design is perfect for one-handed operation. If you have an awkward space to work in, you can reach in with one arm to take the reading without fear of dropping your clamp meter.

It features an 18 mm triangular jaw, which is exceptional for measuring the smallest cables. In addition, this jaw can fit into smaller spaces than other clamp meters, allowing you more options than ever.

When you’re not using this clamp meter, you can easily slip it into your pocket and not be weighed down. Due to its light weight and compact size, you can take it anywhere without it being cumbersome. 

The Fluke 362 has a user-friendly backlit display. It’s large and easy to read, making taking readings much easier than before.

It has a current range of 200 A for both AC and DC currents. For voltage measurements, the range is 600 V for AC and DC. You can use the zero function to clear the display for DC measurements. Additionally, the Fluke 362 has a CAT III 600 V safety rating.

Fluke 365

Fluke 365

The Fluke 365 is a compact, versatile AC/DC clamp meter. It features a compact design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It can even be used while you wear protective equipment. This clamp meter is ideal for jobs with limited access, and you need a tool that’s small enough for the job but supplies reliable results.

Like the Fluke 362, the Fluke 365 provides users with a 200 A range for AC and DC current measurement. It also provides a 600 V range for AC and DC measurement. One of the most significant differences between the two clamp meters is that the Fluke 365 is a true RMS meter, while the Fluke 362 does not offer these capabilities. 

The Fluke 365 has a detachable jaw with lead cable. This makes accessing hard-to-reach wires even easier. You can connect the jaw to the wires and extend the cables to easily view the display. It also has a building flashlight. You won’t have any problem seeing wires when you use it. 

One thing you won’t have to worry about when using the Fluke 365 is noise in your signal. It has state-of-the-art signal processing that allows you to use it in the noisiest of electrical environments while still providing stable readings.

The backlit display is large and easy to read. In addition, it will automatically set the correct measurement range for you. You will not need to change positions during the measuring process. Additionally, the Fluke 365 has a CAT III 600 V safety rating.

Our Recommendation

Both clamp meters bring a lot to the table when it comes to working in tight spaces. The Fluke 362 provides easy access in tight spaces, is compact in size for easy carrying and storage, and has an excellent range of measurement values. However, it lacks some of the finer details of the Fluke 365. Because of this, we recommend it for minor electrical projects.

The Fluke 365 offers all the benefits of the Fluke 362 plus a detachable jaw and true RMS capabilities. In addition, it filters noise when taking readings. This clamp meter is more advanced than the Fluke 362; because of this, we recommend it for advanced electricians.

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