Fluke MS2-100 vs CIQ-100 Review

Cable verifiers are necessary tools for determining where the damage is in a cable line. They take extensive amounts of time out of the troubleshooting process to reduce operational downtime. Fluke has introduced two cable verifiers, the MS2-100 and the CIQ-100. We are going to compare them based on information display, multimedia support, and advanced functionality. We will base our recommendation on user needs. 

Fluke MS2-100

Fluke MS2-100

Capable of testing the various voice, data, and video media types, the Fluke MS2-100 offers users a versatile option when dealing with service issues. It is a compact cable verifier, making use easy. It features a great user interface, exceptional reporting, and amazing multimedia support. 

The Fluke MS2-100 is capable of performing continuity tests on all wires in mere seconds, displaying results graphically. Users can see shorts, opens, and cross wires. Reporting provides details on which side of the cable has the deficiency as well as the distance to an open connection inside the cable. 

The user interface is straightforward and extremely useful. The distance to the fault, a graphical wire map, cable ID, and pair length are all clearly displayed on one screen. One of the most beneficial aspects is that the oversized screen is crystal clear whether the user is in bright sunlight or a dark room. 

Additionally, multimedia support is excellent. The MS2-100 can test all common media types. These include RJ11, RJ45, and coax.  There is no need for an adapter. 

This cable verifier offers VDV service detection. Today’s media services are easily verified, including POTS, PoE, and 10/100/1000 Ethernet. 

It features IntelliTone toning. This means that nearly any cable or wire pair can be traced with IntelliTone digital and analog toning. Digital mode can locate high-grade data cabling at wall outlets, switches, patch panels, or in bundles.  Analog mode can be used on coax, speaker wiring, security/alarm wiring, and voice-grade cabling. 

There is a rubber over-mold on the device. This achieves a better grip for the user as well as adds to the unit’s ruggedness. It is tough enough to handle drops from a ladder. Additionally, it now comes with a vinyl carry pouch for added protection. 

Fluke CIQ-100

Fluke CIQ-100

The Fluke CIQ-100 is another compact option for a cable verifier. It features an intuitive read-out for results, an intelligent wire map, and excellent troubleshooting functions. 

Compared to the MS2-100, the CIQ-100 offers more advanced features, including bandwidth qualification. They both function to determine problems in cabling and present the information in a graphical format. 

The Fluke CIQ-100 functions to qualify and troubleshoot Ethernet network cabling. This works on category 5-6A cabling for 10/100/1000 Ethernet, coax, and VoIP. The CableIQ qualification tester offers powerful troubleshooting capabilities. 

It can troubleshoot any wall jack, patch panel, or cable. Users can see the cable details like length and wire map as well as far-end device details such as speed and duplex settings. The device offers a series of cable and network functions to help isolate connectivity issues. 

This verifier also features an intelligent wire map. This feature tests for shorts, length, split pairs, and opens. It displays where a fault is located with a graphical interface. The graph is easy to read and shows the distance to faults and the cable lengthproportional to each other. Breaks and shorts are identified by pin, not pair. This makes the locating and troubleshooting of a badly terminated jack or a centralized breakin a cable much faster and more efficient. 

Additionally, this model works well in industrial Ethernet applications. Because cables often fail in industrial environments due to harsh conditions, it’s important to have a device that can quickly identify where the damage in the cable is. This is where the CIQ-100 comes in. 

Another helpful feature is the ability to perform bandwidth qualification. When using VoIP or gigabit Ethernet, users need to be sure that their existing cabling will be able to support their new equipment. The CIQ-100 can quickly identify whether a link is capable of running 10/100BASE-T, voice, Gig, or VoIP. 

Our Recommendation 

While it’s obvious that both of these cable verifiers offer excellent features, we need to break down the differences before users make a purchasing decision. The MS2-100 offers an excellent user interface with amazing reporting as well as multimedia support. It’s an excellent choice for professional technicians. 

On the other hand, the CIQ-100 offers users a little bit more with its bandwidth qualification feature in addition to excellent reporting and multimedia support. This is a superior choice for professional technicians. 

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